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Blankets for Cancer responded promptly to our request for financial assistance. The funds they provided served us well, allowing us time to find a more long-term solution for our housing needs.

Chad Hoskins, Parent


The Pediatric Cancer Burden on Families


 food insecurity


energy insecurity


home insecurity


Pediatric cancer takes an emotional, physical, and financial toll on patients and their families. Not every family is fortunate enough to have ample support in any or all of these areas. In fact, 29% of families reported at least one material hardship 6 months after diagnosis.


Blankets For Cancer donations help patients and families reduce the burden of Pediatric cancer. We work with families and patients who need support.  The more time and energy they have for their child, the less suffering for everyone.

Your gifts will provide an emotional lift to patients and families. For example, we provide funding to cover the cost of travel for a loved on to come visit. We provide funding for a toys, gifts, and special experiences for the children and their families.  In addition, we provide funds for unmet financial expenditures associated with treatment.  These are just a few examples of how we attempt to reduce suffering. Future projects will fund specific research efforts for preventing and treating pediatric cancer.

Source: Pelletier, W., & Bona, K. (2015)


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