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2022 with Blankets For Cancer

Its with great excitement that Blankets For Cancer enters 2022. Fresh off our most successful year yet, we are eagerly expanding our efforts to help pediatric cancer patients and their families deal with the socio-economic burden of pediatric cancer.

Even in a pandemic, we were able to connect with social workers and families and provide ongoing support. The inability to meet people face to face was overcome by technology and communication so for that we are grateful

Our board of directors has added another key member to the team, Venessa Wahler.

We are excited about the her energy, skills, and passion for what we do. We have known Venessa for over 15 years and she has always been a supporter of Blankets For Cancer. Now her background in clinical practice as well as sales and marketing is most welcome to Blankets For Cancer.

In 2022, we look to connect with the families on a deeper level to lift the burden of pediatric cancer.

Please stay tuned for our efforts.

If you are planning ahead for your annual donation to Blankets For Cancer, please note we now have the ability to receive monthly installments for your ;donation just click on donate and the system will guide you through the process.

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