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A Message of Gratitude

Blankets For Cancer exists to put an end to suffering that arises due to pediatric cancer. To that end we put our energy toward gaining resources and distributing them to pediatric cancer patients and families in need.

It is with great pleasure to announce we have raised over $15,000 in 2018 toward this cause. For all of you who contributed, thank you very much! Not only are we grateful for your financial support we are also grateful for your belief in this cause. This year a very special event called “Docere” was held and donated its proceeds to Blankets For Cancer. More on this below.

The socioeconomic impact of pediatric cancer on children's and families is troubling. About 1/3 or patients enter into economic insecurity within 6 months of treatment. In lower income populations it has been shown that greater than 50% of families in pediatric cancer treatment experience over 40% annual income loss during treatment. (Pelletier & Bona, 2015). The strain of finances causes increased stress and pressure on the family unit. What most people don't realize is most pediatric cancer patients have to travel 100's of miles away from home to receive care. Not only uprooted from their communities, but also requiring one or both parents to miss extensive time from work.

Jordan Avi Rinde of Blessed Memory

Researchers are rigorously studying the psychological burden of pediatric cancer effects patients and their families. Consistent evidence has shown that 25-30% of children will experience long-term psychological distress from going through pediatric cancer treatment. While this may not be entire different then non-cancer pediatric population a significant subset of children show subclinical or clinical levels of depression throughout the first year of treatment and subclinical or clinical levels of anxiety at the initial stage of diagnosis. (Katz et al., 2018). Amongst caregivers (parents, guardians) it has been shown that depression was elevated during the first 10 months post-diagnosis, and anxiety was elevated for the first two months post-diagnosis.

But you likely don't need to see research to understand this. Nearly everybody has a family member or personally has been impacted by cancer. We all know how it is the "Emperor of All Maladies" as they say. We have all seen how this terrifying disease can cause fear, uncertainty, suffering, and can push any individual or family to its limit. During treatment, families don’t necessarily have time for self-care and coping strategies and there is a broader fallout beyond the medical process taking place. When I meet with families dealing with pediatric cancer; I am quickly reminded of the horrifying position my family was in with our dear Jordan not too long ago.

When speaking with researchers on the socioeconomic impact of cancer they have made it clear that the cancer diagnosis has many important outcomes. Everyone agrees that being cancer free is the number one outcome. The other outcomes include reduced side effects and survivorship morbidities. An additional outcome is less socioeconomic suffering for the patients and their families.

In 2018, Blankets For Cancer has provided car repairs, rent payments, food, clothing, birthday gifts, educational resources, and tokens of encouragement. We delivered meals, visited families, and sent our signature loving blankets. We fielded requests from all over the country and coordinated with social workers to provide the best assistance possible .This was accomplished thanks to the loving support of our donors.

Dr. Tyna Moore

As mentioned a special event took place in October, 2018 hosted by Portland , Oregon based Dr. Tyna Moore called “Docere” This was a gathering of Naturopathic Physicians in Portland, Oregon who were meeting to discuss a vision for improved clinical practice and they decided to donate the proceeds from the events to Blankets For Cancer. All in all Dr. Moore and her colleagues raised $3,000 for our efforts. A special thank you goes to Dr. Moore and her attendees for this most philanthropic act.

The Docere Summit, October 12-13, 2018.

We are looking forward to helping more people in 2019 with your help. Please continue to follow our progress on Facebook and through our blog on our website homepage. For those still interested in giving in 2018 remember we are an official non-profit organization and you can make tax deductible contributions by going to (Tax ID is 81-3714821). If you would like to host an event in honor of Blankets For Cancer please email me at

Have a wonderful holiday season,

Adam Rinde, ND

President and Founder

Blankets For Cancer.


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