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Fashion event raises $8,000 for Blankets For Cancer

It is always a blessing no matter how big or small a donation is for Blankets For Cancer .

This past month an event went to extraordinary lengths in helping us improve the lives of pediatric cancer patients and their families.

Every year Gather Consignment Store in Seattle hosts a fundraiser called "Ladies Night" which they donate proceeds from the sales of clothing toward a charitable cause.

Blankets For Cancer was so fortunate to be chosen for this years honor which took place in Seattle on January 25, 2019. It just so happened that the event fell on the evening of Jordan's Yahrzeit (Hebrew Anniversary) of 5 years since his death. Jordan's grandma Marsha Silverman Damian was responsible for coordinating Blankets For Cancer's involvement in the event. Thank you to Marsha and to Megan and Dan who own Gather for raising $8000 toward Blankets For Cancer.

Just how impactful is this? $8000 is the equivalent of food for a family of 4 for about 8 months. We utilize these funds to help families with food, rent, bills, and other needs that are severely impacted due to lost work and increased expenses during the cancer treatment process. The kindness and generosity of all the people in this event should be commended for the difference they are making in the lives of these patients and their families.

We look forward to helping families in your honor.

If you or anyone else would like to organize a fundraising event in honor of Blankets For Cancer please email us at


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