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Welcome New Board Member To Blankets For Cancer. Liad Auslander

We are excited to welcome our newest addition to the Blankets For Cancer Board of Directors :

Ms. Liad Auslander

Liad has shown tremendous dedication to Blankets For Cancer since our inception. She originally interned with our organization in the Summer of 2017 and pioneered our popular "Voices of Blankets For Cancer" series. She also has been responsible for several key fundraising efforts that have allowed Blankets For Cancer to carry forth part of our core mission of reducing suffering for pediatric cancer patients and their families.

A little about Liad.

Liad had her first exposure to pediatric cancer as a summer camp counselor where she worked closely with a child who unfortunately lost his battle with the disease. Ever since, the cause has been an integral part of her identity, therefore Liad was eager to volunteer with Blankets for Cancer.

Liad is currently a student at Rutgers University in the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences. She studies Exercise Science - Applied Kinesiology, and is minoring in psychology and nutrition. At Rutgers, Liad works closely with Chai Lifeline, a volunteer-based organization for pediatric patients, Children’s Specialized Hospital, and visits patients most Friday afternoons at Saint Peter’s Hospital.

We get to visit with Liad in-person during her frequent visits to see family in Seattle. In between visits, she is excellent at communicating with us over video, text, and e-mall

Welcome once again Liad we are grateful for your service and commitment.


Blankets For Cancer is a 50c3 nonprofit organization that has been approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a tax-exempt, charitable organization.

Our vision is to blanket and put out pediatric cancer. We aim to reduce suffering of children and their families who are dealing with pediatric cancer and to support researchers in reaching a complete cure.

Our mission is to provide support to patients, families, and researchers who are dealing with cancers and to support research for more effective/less invasive pediatric cancer treatments.

We will provide for patients and families to help cover uncompensated costs associated with pediatric cancer treatment

We will also provide services give an emotional boost for patients and families alike. For the pediatric oncology researcher we will fund pre-clinical research on more effective and less invasive treatments. The fundraising will take place through our Blanket For Cancer blanket donations. direct solicitations, charitable events (dinners, races). We will also have a secondary mission of generating awareness for the needs of the patients, families, and researchers.

Our funding may provide but not exclude:

a.   Funding to cover non-compensated medical leave for parents so they can be by their child’s side during hospital stays and treatment

b.      funding to provide for visits to allied health professionals not covered by insurance who may assist in reversing disease or improving quality of life

d.      funding for specific underfunded research in pediatric cancer. Specifically in areas of pediatric solid tumors such as Neuroblastoma and other pediatric cancer with less than 60% 5-year survivorship expectancy.

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